An Odyssey, a song and… stories

indonesia1A field visit in Indonesia, a learning event with a new group of facilitators in Papua New Guinea and a ‘mini’ Knowledge Fair in the Philippines. This is how Constellation coaches supported facilitation teams in the 3 countries, based on the specific needs of the teams, with support of the Asian Development Bank. Facilitators all share the same enthusiasm for the approach. The team in PNG composed a song about AIDS Competence: ”AIDS Competence is the way forward, bringing us to a new level, to see the strengths in us, changing the way we walk, talk and do things.”

Sirinate, a Constellation coach, visited the National Facilitation Team in Indonesia from 17-25 March. Together they practiced facilitating self-assessments in 7 communities – with transgender, youth groups, employees in a paper factory, NGOs, high-school students, etc.-. Four communities planned their own action to improve their AIDS competence.

One of the communities they visited is Tjiwi Kimia Enterprise, a paper-producing company with more than 13.000 employees. As Lulu, one of the facilitators, said: “The team was so honest to share their works, the progress, problems, and wanted to improve their programs.” The team learned their situation in details in 2 hours through the self-assessment. The Human Resource Director was really interested to learn how to improve their program after involving in HIV works for 7 years.



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